What is MEAN Transaction in SAP

MEAN Transaction in SAP helps you create delivery addresses that you can use in subsequent document. Learn from this simplified tutorial.

If you are wondering what does MEAN Transaction do in SAP, you have come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will discuss about what this TCode does and why would you even need it in the first place.

And yes there is nothing mean about this transaction.

Once you read this tutorial and try it, I would be happy to know how it went, so please feel free to comment below.

If you are new to Procure to Pay, this guide from IBM will help you understand how its workflow looks like.

MEAN Transaction in SAP – Purpose

Sometimes, you may raise a purchase order to a Vendor. At this time of course, you need to let him know where he needs to deliver the same. Now let us look at the below business scenario.

An automobile company named Fast Motors Inc. has an assembly plant in Berlin. It raises a PO to ABC Wipers LLC, to deliver wipers to its factory. However due to supply chain related considerations, Faster Motors wishes to order wipers a bit in advance and stock it up.

There is not enough space in the assembly plant, and for this reason, the company has a storage facility a few miles way. Thus, these additional Wipers need to be delivered there.

By using MEAN, you can define such an address and use it in Purchase Order.

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The Difference between SAP HANA and SAP S4

The Difference between SAP HANA and SAP S4

How to use Transaction MEAN

By launching TCode MEAN, you will be presented with the screen below. It will give you an option to change an existing address or add a new one.

For the above case, we create a new address for the additional warehouse as shown in the picture below. One thing to note is that you should always use meaningful Search Term so that you are able to find the address in subsequent transactions as needed.

MEAN Transaction SAP to create or edit an address

MEAN Transaction SAP to create or edit an address

Using the new address

We will use this new address in a new purchase order we create in SAP. As you can see, we create the following Purchase Order in SAP. By default the delivery address is that of the plant where the Vendor will deliver the goods.

However, as shown in the picture below, we are able to overwrite the address by going to Item data –> Delivery Address tab.

Using the new address created in MEAN

Using the new address created in MEAN

You would be able to search the address with many key combinations, but if you remmember the search term or even a part of it, it becomes super easy.

As soon as you choose the address from the dropdown, the delivery address in Purchase Order is changed.

Seeing the New address in the Purchase Order PDF

To truly put this functionality to the test, take a moment to explore the Purchase Order PDF.

The new address shows in PO PDF

The new address shows in PO PDF

Simply click on the enticing “print preview” button within the ME23N transaction.

Behold, the revised address shall reveal itself, right before your very eyes!

Seeing the New address in the Purchase Order PDF

If you want to be sure that this functionality works, you can also look at the Purchase Order PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the aspects which you may want to know further about MEAN TCode in SAP.

Absolutely You have the freedom to utilize the address generated during the MEAN transaction and seamlessly incorporate it into the purchase requisition. Simply navigate to the identical section as the PO and effortlessly input the address into the delivery address section. Easy peasy!

Every address you create in SAP for organizational structure, customers, and vendors is saved as address information in the ADRC table. The number you see is the corresponding Address Number.

Summary and Learnings

Get ready to uncover the power of the MEAN transaction code!

This tutorial dives deep into its purpose and usage, showing you how to define and utilize addresses in purchase orders. Perfect for when you need delivery to a different location.

Step-by-step instructions will guide you through creating and using new addresses, while highlighting the incredible functionality and benefits of MEAN. Let’s get started!

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MEAN Transaction in SAP helps you create delivery addresses that you can use in subsequent document. Learn from this simplified tutorial.

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